My Sweet Dessertful Life

A spoonful of sugar helps the life go on.

Hey Summer, long time no see!! 
Cassis-orange flavored snow ball covered with tons of condensed milk. Simple is the best.
Wet and creamy but soft and light. Cheesecake for breakfast and for dessert after dinner. Starting and ending a day with cheesecake. Cheesecake is the emblem of dichotomy, a.k.a. Life.

We three are the best friends from high school. Our memory is deep and condensed as the chocolate cake, and melty as creme bruree.

Sakura jelly on top of peach jelly. Made by the store popular for pudding, the jelly is very soft and creamy :)
Pudding. A lot of pudding. Excessive pudding. This is what I’m living for! If you haven’t tried Japanese プリン, you must ‘cause it’ll change your life.
A basic but amazing one, green tea pudding with lemon sauce, and Sakura & peach jelly.
Happy White Day!! I actually bought this for myself, but there’s no reason to miss out the day for dessert, right?? ;P
Berry chiffon cake. Light as Angels’ wings, soft as babies’ cheeks, and sweet as your smile :D
Rare cheese cake. Not too sweet, the perfect balance of sweet and sour.
Fruit tart, the dessert for working women.
Fruit shortcake tells you the coming of spring??